We give parents and caregivers the knowledge and tools they need to teach their children how to read.

We believe ALL CHILDREN can achieve in school and life when:

  • Parents are knowledgeable and follow research-informed learning strategies and curricula. 
  • Parents apply the knowledge and tools to each child's unique level and learning style.
  • Parents and teachers shift from delivering content to being facilitators of learning. 

ParentReadingCoach™ is informed by an evidence-based approach that provide the early literacy foundation skills and guidance for parents, caregivers, and teachers/tutors to teach students how to read. It is a series of 9 basic/foundational training videos (previously only provided to reading specialists) targeted for parents and caregivers vested in teaching children how to read. The training videos and modules provide a structure and scope and sequence to parents and caregivers vested in teaching how to read the knowledge and tools and follows the sequence below